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Lee's Summit Outlaws Launches Homeschool Sports Program

Lee's Summit, Missouri, May 4th 2024 

The Lee's Summit Outlaws is excited to announce the launch of its comprehensive Homeschool Sports Program, aimed at empowering homeschooled youth and private school athletes without athletic programs provided at their school. While starting with a Girls Varsity Volleyball team, Lee's Summit Outlaws plans to expand its offerings to include additional teams and sports in the near future.

"At Lee's Summit Outlaws, our mission is to provide homeschool students and private school athletes from schools without athletic programs with a dynamic and enriching sports experience," stated Coach Jeremiah Fisher, who also serves as the Athletic Director. "We believe that participation in sports not only promotes physical fitness but also instills important life skills such as teamwork, resilience, and leadership."

The Homeschool Sports Program at Lee's Summit Outlaws is designed to offer a supportive and nurturing environment where students can excel both athletically and personally. Through rigorous training, injury prevention techniques, and skill development sessions, students will have the opportunity to build confidence, enhance their abilities, and grow as individuals.

"Our goal is to create a community where athletes can thrive and develop a lifelong love for sports," added Coach Fisher. "We are committed to providing a well-rounded sports experience that emphasizes character development, sportsmanship, and personal growth."

Lee's Summit Outlaws welcomes homeschooling athletes and private school athletes from schools without athletic programs from all backgrounds and beliefs to join the Homeschool Sports Program and experience the transformative power of sports.

For more information about Lee's Summit Outlaws and the Homeschool Sports Program, please contact:

Jeremiah Fisher

Volleyball Coach & Athletic Director

Lee's Summit Outlaws


Join us in celebrating the launch of our High School Girls Varsity Volleyball program and discover the transformative power of sports within a homeschooling-friendly environment.

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