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Homeschool Athletics

Outlaws Never Quit!

Southeast Kansas City Missouri 

Outlaws opportunities

We are newly founded and are working diligently to provide more opportunities everyday! If you would like to Coach or AD a sport please click here to learn more.


Welcome to Outlaws Home School Athletics! We nurture home-schooled youth across multiple sports and media opportunities, emphasizing coaching excellence, teamwork, and personal development. Join us to empower your child in competitive sports with a focus on friendship, courage, and sportsmanship.

Accountable Coaching Coach teaching a volleyball team


Help us grow

Help us Grow our Vision

Athletic Director & Coaching opportunities

Outlaw Athletics is always looking for passionate volunteers to join our team. As a volunteer-run sports organization, we work closely with Athletic Directors & Coaches in a variety of sports to provide an inclusive athletic community for all. To ensure the safety and well-being of our athletes, all volunteer positions require a background check and online training.

Donation Opportunities

Our sports activities rely heavily on donations from the community, both big and small. If you’re interested in supporting Outlaw Athletics and our mission to empower young athletes, consider donating any amount. Every dollar helps us continue to provide resources for athletes and bring our community closer together.

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