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Policies & Procedures

Welcome to our Homeschool Sports Teams Policies & Procedures page! Here, you'll discover details about our sports philosophy, codes of conduct for players, coaches, and parents, organizational policies, as well as medical guidelines.

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We Believe

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We Believe

We Believe

At Outlaw Athletic Foundation, we recognize the profound impact of homeschool sports in fostering character development, promoting values, and nurturing a sense of community. As an organization guided by Christian principles, we acknowledge the universality of these values across diverse backgrounds and beliefs, and we are dedicated to upholding them through our programs. We extend a warm welcome to all homeschooled athletes who align with our commitment to our 7 Core Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

We firmly believe that cultivating robust character traits is equally vital to nurturing athletic prowess. Hence, we mandate that all families agree to our 7 Core Values as a prerequisite for registration. These values form the bedrock of good sportsmanship, citizenship, and leadership, both on and off the field of play.

Player/coach/parent Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Players Code of Conduct

We have developed a 10-point code of conduct that incorporates the values of respect for self and others, integrity, and sportsmanship. The code of conduct also ensures that athletes are representing the Outlaw Athletic Foundation in a professional manner and that they are taking their commitment to the team seriously. We believe that these expectations are essential to creating a culture of excellence and we are proud to require our athletes to follow them.

  1. Be committed to making an effort to improve your skills, support your team members and coaches, and maintain a positive attitude when playing and when not playing. 

  2. Be committed to learning and implementing the 7 Core Values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

  3. Be committed to receiving instruction, accepting constructive criticism while maintaining a humble attitude.

  4. Be committed to showing up to practices and games on time and prepared to give 100% effort.

  5. A strong foundation of healthy living habits is integral to the success of our team. Be committed to eat healthy, drink water, get plenty of rest, exercise and stretch regularly to maintain your physical, and mental fitness. 

  6. Maintain control of your emotions, facial expressions, words, and gestures, both while playing as well as not playing. 

  7. Treat all teammates coaches, opponents, officials, and fans with respect and dignity.

  8. No form of bullying, taunting, foul language, or rude behavior towards anyone.

  9. No inappropriate public displays of affection, alcohol, performance-enhancing drugs, or any illegal substances will be tolerated. 

  10. Represent the Outlaw Athletic Foundation with highest level of integrity at all times.

Code of Ethics for Coaches, Staff, and Volunteers

This comprehensive Code of Ethics outlines the expectations for behavior, professionalism, and conduct of Coaches, staff members, and volunteers at the Outlaw Athletic Foundation:

  1. Standards of Behavior and Professionalism: Maintain high standards of behavior, integrity, honesty, respect, and fairness in all interactions representing the Outlaw Athletic Foundation.

  2. Appropriate Relationships: Maintain professional boundaries, respect, and communication with athletes and families, ensuring physical contact is appropriate and comfortable for the athlete.

  3. Confidentiality and Privacy: Respect the confidentiality and privacy of athletes and families, refraining from sharing personal information without consent.

  4. Non-Discrimination and Inclusivity: Treat all individuals with dignity and respect, prohibiting discriminatory language or behavior based on any characteristic.

  5. Conflict Resolution: Handle conflicts professionally and transparently, following organizational policies and procedures for fair and respectful resolution.

  6. Safe and Inclusive Environment: Create and maintain a safe, positive, and inclusive environment for all participants, promptly reporting any safety concerns or inappropriate conduct.

  7. Continuous Professional Development: Engage in ongoing professional development to enhance knowledge and skills, staying current with best practices and industry standards.

  8. Compliance with Policies and Laws: Comply with all organizational policies, procedures, guidelines, and applicable laws and regulations governing roles and responsibilities.

Additional Coaches' Code of Conduct:

  1. Promote Fair Play and Respect: Ensure each athlete has the opportunity to learn, grow, and excel by promoting fair play, respect, and responsibility.

  2. Clear Communication: Commit to clear and open communication with players and parents to ensure everyone is informed and aligned.

  3. Efficient Operations: Dedicate yourself to ensuring practices, games, and tournaments run smoothly and efficiently to maximize player development.

  4. Lead by Example: Create a positive, encouraging, and supportive atmosphere by following the same standards expected of athletes.

  5. Injury Prevention and Care: Take proactive measures to prevent injuries through proper training and conditioning, and ensure injured athletes receive appropriate medical attention and recovery support.

Parent or Guardian Code of Conduct

As a parent or guardian, we ask that you create a supportive atmosphere for your child and their teammates. This includes showing respect for the coaches, officials, and opposing teams, and refraining from any behavior that may be perceived as negative or aggressive. By working together, we can create a positive and safe environment for our athletes, and foster their love and passion for the sport.

  1. Be encouraging and respectful towards all student athletes and their teams regardless of the outcome of the game.

  2. Take pride in promoting strong values both on and off the playing surface by setting an example of good sportsmanship. Exhibit positive behavior towards the opposing team, coaching staff, fans, school, and community.  

  3. Exhibit a positive attitude and good behavior at all times when interacting with officials at all athletic contests, both home and away.

  4. Agree to refrain from using profanity, aggressive words or gestures, and will maintain control of your emotions at all times. 

  5. Agree to refrain from engaging in any form of public criticism of any student, coach, or contest officials. If you have a concern or complaint, you commit to going though the appropriate complaint process and handle the issue in a professional manner.

  6. All parents/guardians will commit to refraining from interfering with the coaching staff, their responsibilities, as well as any game officials and their responsibilities. 

  7. Acknowledges that the coaching staff is responsible for your student athlete's well-being, safety, and conduct during practices, games, tournaments, and any other team-related functions. 

  8. Acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that your student athlete arrives on time and is prepared for each activity.

  9. Commit to providing all necessary forms with accurate information, signed, and to pay any player fees that are owed in a timely manner. 

  10. Agree to support the decisions made by the coaching staff and demonstrate good sportsmanship. Respect the rules and regulations of the teams, the sport, and the Outlaw Athletic Foundation at all times. 



Regular Season Player Application

At Outlaw Athletic Foundation, we are dedicated to providing a positive and safe environment for our Homeschool Sports Teams. To apply for our teams, please review and fill out this application with a parent or legal guardian and sign it. This application is for in-season activities only and must be completed and turned in at the beginning of tryouts. We look forward to receiving your application and welcoming you to our team tryouts!

Equipment and Uniform Policy

Equipment Responsibility and Replacement:

The Outlaw Athletic Foundation mandates that any damage to equipment due to unauthorized use necessitates replacement, a responsibility that falls on the Parent/Guardian/Athlete. It's crucial to note that this policy specifically covers replacement equipment resulting from intentional misuse and does not extend to cover regular wear and tear.


Uniform Guidelines:

  • Athletes are permitted to wear their uniforms exclusively during Outlaw Team Pictures, Games, & Tournaments.

  • Maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of uniforms is paramount. Uniforms must be free from tears, holes, or stains. If a uniform sustains any damage, the Parent/Guardian/Athlete must promptly inform the Outlaw Coach for a replacement.

  • Replacement costs for uniform damage caused by the Athlete are the responsibility of the Athlete.

  • In instances of damage occurring during an authorized event, not attributed to the Athlete's actions, the Outlaw Athletic Foundation will replace the jersey at no expense to the Athlete.


Personalization and Fees:

Varsity Team athletes enjoy the privilege of personalized uniforms with their Last names and chosen Jersey number. To embrace this personalized touch, Varsity Athletes must make a one-time payment for their custom uniforms, ensuring a distinctive identity throughout the season. Moreover, Varsity Athletes can retain the same jersey throughout their Varsity Career, provided it meets the acceptable Jersey standards. Any request for a jersey number change must be made before the start of the season, and the Athlete bears the expense associated with the change.


Athletes on Junior Varsity and Junior High teams will be outfitted with Team Jerseys bearing the Outlaw Name on the back instead of individual player names. Additionally, they will be assigned generic numbers on their jerseys.


This structured policy outlines the responsibilities regarding equipment use, maintenance of uniforms, and the process for replacement in case of damage, ensuring clarity and accountability while maintaining fairness for all participants in the program

Transportation Policy

Parental Responsibility:

The Outlaw Athletic Foundation places the responsibility of transportation to and from Practice, Games, Tournaments, and Events entirely on the Parent/Guardian.


Alternative Arrangements:

Parents/Guardians have the option to arrange for their Athlete to ride with another responsible Parent or Adult if desired.


Athlete Driving:

Parents/Guardians may also allow their Athletes to drive themselves to team activities, provided they meet legal driving requirements and safety standards. However, for the safety of all Athletes, it is recommended that students do not drive themselves to out-of-state tournaments or tournaments with long travel times. This decision is at the Parents/Guardians' discretion.


Student Driver Guidelines:

If an Athlete is a student driver, they are required to arrive at practice on time and depart promptly after practice or when their session is over. Student drivers are not permitted to congregate in the parking lot of the facility for extended periods.


This policy provides clear guidelines regarding transportation responsibilities, alternative arrangements, and Athlete driving permissions for team activities.

Facility Policy

Area Restrictions:

All Athletes and spectators are required to remain within authorized areas at all times.


Adult Supervision:

An adult must be present within the gym while underage Athletes are in the facility. For gender-matched coaching scenarios, specific requirements are in place.


Clean-Up Responsibility:

The last team to use the facility is responsible for tear down and clean up, including taking down the net, storing equipment in designated areas, and sweeping the floor.


Furniture Usage:

Unauthorized moving of chairs or tables from one area to another is prohibited unless authorized by facility staff.


Prohibited Substances:

Tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and drugs are strictly prohibited on facility premises at all times.


These policies ensure safety, orderliness, and respect within the facility environment.

Communication Policy

Communication Platforms:

Outlaw Athletics primarily uses the BAND app for disseminating important information, announcements, schedules, and updates to athletes and parents/guardians. Other communication methods such as emails may also be utilized occasionally.


Coach-Athlete Communication:

Coaches are restricted from directly emailing or calling athletes. Most, if not all, communication between coaches and players occurs through the BAND app. Any need for email or phone communication must go through the parent/guardian.


Addressing Concerns/Complaints:

Athletes are encouraged to address complaints or concerns privately with the coach first to promptly resolve issues and avoid spreading rumors. Parents/guardians should facilitate direct communication between student athletes and coaches, intervening if necessary to mediate and escalate unresolved matters following outlined procedures. (see Complaints and/or Concerns Policy)


Removal Protocol:

In instances where an individual (parent/guardian, fan, or player) violates the Code of Conduct, coaches have the authority to take necessary action, escalating significant incidents to the Head Athletic Director for further action. (see Removal of Parent/Guardian, Fans, or Players)

Complaints and/or concerns

At Outlaw Athletic Foundation, we take every complaint or concern extremely seriously. We understand that our players/parents want to be heard and we are committed to making sure that all issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Please follow the following steps to file a complaint or concern.


  1. If an athlete has a complaint or concern, they need to bring it to the coach in private first. Do not let issues brew and do not spread rumors to your fellow athletes or parents. Parents or guardians please encourage your student athletes to speak with coaches about any issues and to bring them to a close before you get involved. This will help with your athletes confidence and will develop respect between the coaches and athletes. 

  2. If an athlete does not get closure to their complaint or concern when it is addressed with the coach in private, take the issue to your parent or guardian and have them mediate with the coach at a scheduled time and place.

  3. If the problem persists contact the Sport Athletic Director. The Athletic Director will then schedule a time and place with all parties involved to bring closure to the issue.  

  4. If the issue is still not resolved, please contact the Lead Athletic Director.


  1. If a parent or guardian has a complaint or concern please schedule a time to speak with the coach in private. Please do not approach a coach before, during, or after practices, games or tournaments or in front of the athletes or other parents. Please do not participate in gossip to other parents or players because most issues can be resolved simply by speaking with the coach. We like to use the 24 Hour Cool Off Policy which simply means before you contact the coach wait 24 hours. 

  2. If the parent does not get closure to their complaint or concern after you have spoken to the coach in private, please contact the Sport Athletic Director. The Athletic Director will then schedule a time and place with all parties involved to bring closure to the issue.

  3. If the issue is still not resolved, please contact the Lead Athletic Director. 

Removal of parent/guardian, fans, or players

At Outlaw Athletic Foundation, we are dedicated to maintaining a secure and nurturing environment for all participants, including athletes, parents, coaches, and referees. It is incumbent upon our coaching staff to ensure adherence to our Code of Conduct, fostering respectful and appropriate conduct at all times. In rare instances where an individual—be it a parent, guardian, fan, or player—fails to meet these standards, our coaches possess the authority to take necessary action to uphold the safety and integrity of our programs.

Should such circumstances arise, we expect our coaches to follow a structured protocol for addressing misconduct:

  1. Provide a private verbal warning to the individual responsible for the offense, emphasizing the importance of good sportsmanship.

  2. If the behavior persists despite the initial warning, issue a second private verbal warning, clearly stating that continued misconduct will result in removal.

  3. If the individual continues to exhibit inappropriate behavior despite prior warnings, request their immediate departure from the premises, prohibiting their return to Outlaw Events pending further review with the Sport Athletic Director.

  4. In the event that the individual refuses to leave voluntarily, coaches are instructed to contact event security or appropriate authorities to facilitate their removal from the premises.

Furthermore, coaches are required to promptly report any enforcement of the aforementioned guidelines to the Sport Athletic Director. Sport Athletic Directors, in turn, must expeditiously escalate reports involving guideline 3 or 4 to the Head Athletic Director for further review and action.

Social Media Policy

As an ambassador of our organization, it is imperative that you uphold a professional and courteous demeanor on social media platforms. We maintain a zero-tolerance stance towards any instances of bullying, disparaging remarks, or unfounded accusations directed at fellow athletes or affiliated organizations. We encourage you to leverage your social media presence to foster positivity and demonstrate support for both your teammates and competitors.

It is crucial to recognize that your conduct on social media not only represents your individual image but also reflects upon our organization as a whole. Non-compliance with this policy may lead to disciplinary measures, including but not limited to reduced playing opportunities or dismissal from the team roster.

Drug & Alcohol policy

At Outlaw Athletic Foundation, we uphold a stringent zero-tolerance policy concerning the use of drugs and alcohol. Our utmost priority is the safety and well-being of our players, parents, guardians, and fans, and we are committed to fostering a healthy and supportive environment conducive to participation by all. Our policy unequivocally prohibits players from engaging in the use of drugs or alcohol during any period. Additionally, parents, guardians, and fans are strictly prohibited from consuming illegal drugs, alcohol or Cannabis (Marijuana) at any Outlaw event.

Academic Policy

At Outlaw Athletic Foundation, we deeply respect the unique and individualized nature of homeschooling as an educational approach. We define homeschooling as parent-directed education conducted at home, wherein parents play a central role in their child's educational journey. This encompasses selecting curriculum, approving course materials, establishing study schedules, choosing tutors, cooperative learning opportunities, teachers, dual enrollment options, and educational resources.

Our organization adheres to the 51% Rule for homeschool sports teams participation. This means that to be eligible for our program, a student-athlete must be homeschooled and receive at least 51% of their education through homeschooling.

We are committed to inclusivity and welcome athletes from private schools that do not offer athletic programs to join our teams. However, it's crucial to note that we strictly follow the Guidelines outlined by the NCHC (National Christian Homeschool Championships). Private school student-athletes are required to apply for a hardship exemption with the NCHC. Please complete the necessary paperwork during your student-athlete's registration and submit it to the coach or Outlaws Athletic Staff. Upon determining eligibility for an exemption with the NCHC, the Outlaw Staff will guide you through the subsequent steps.

Academic excellence is paramount to us, alongside athletic success. While the NCHC has a strict cutoff for participation at a 2.0 GPA, the Outlaw Organization requires a higher standard of 2.5 GPA. Athletes falling below this threshold will be placed on probation, which will exclude them from participating in games and tournaments until their GPA is raised to the required level. We encourage our athletes to pursue excellence both on and off the field/court and are dedicated to providing them with unwavering support throughout their academic and athletic journey. In the event of an athlete's academic performance falling below the 2.5 GPA threshold, it is imperative that a parent/guardian contacts the coach promptly.

The complete Guidelines that we follow from the NCHC can be found here

Gender Policy

At Outlaw Athletic Foundation, we prioritize the implementation of a robust gender policy to uphold fairness, equality, and safety within our sports programs. Our policy mandates that players can only participate in the gender division corresponding to their birth sex as officially recorded on their original birth certificate. This stringent policy applies universally across all our sports leagues, ensuring that all players compete on an equitable and level playing field.

There is a singular exception for co-ed sports, where players of both biological sexes are permitted to compete together on the same team. We firmly believe that this gender policy is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to fostering a positive, inclusive, and harmonious environment for all participants.

By adhering strictly to this policy, we aim to create an atmosphere where every athlete feels respected, supported, and able to excel to their fullest potential.

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Medical policies

Medical Policies

Pre-participation Medical Liability Release & Emergency Medical Care Authorization

Before your student-athlete can engage in any sports activities, a medical liability release must be signed. This form is mandatory for all off-season and tryout activities. By signing this form, you are absolving the Outlaw Athletic Foundation from any liability concerning your student-athlete. Please note that if you have any concerns about your student-athlete's health, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from a medical professional before filling out this form and allowing your student-athlete to participate.

Additionally, please be aware that this form is completed during the initial sign-up process online. It ensures that all necessary paperwork is completed and allows us to proceed with your student-athlete's participation in our sports programs.

Pre-participation Physical evaluation

Prior to joining any of our Homeschool Sports Teams, all athletes must undergo a thorough physical evaluation. This requirement is of utmost importance to us, as we prioritize the health, safety, and preparedness of our athletes to fully engage in our programs. We strictly adhere to this rule, and no exceptions will be made.

Please note that the necessary physical evaluation forms will be distributed during the Parent/Athlete Meeting following tryouts. Alternatively, you can print the forms directly from the PDF files provided below:

These forms are for the Parent/Guardian to keep in their records, as we do not maintain physical medical records on athletes. The only paperwork that is required to be submitted is the Physician-signed Eligibility Form, which can be found below:

Please ensure that these forms are completed and submitted as per the outlined instructions. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the health and safety of our athletes.

Medical Release Policy/Concussions

In the event of an injury requiring a doctor's care or if any athlete suffers, or is suspected of suffering, a head injury or concussion during any sporting event or practice, immediate action is required. The athlete must be promptly removed from further participation in the event or practice. This policy can be found in PDF form below.

For an athlete to return to competition or practice after being removed, they must undergo evaluation by a healthcare provider. The athlete cannot resume activities until the healthcare provider provides written clearance.

The Parent/Guardian is responsible for providing the coach with a copy of the Medical Eligibility Form to return to Practice &/or Competition, which you can find below:

It's important to note that even after clearance by a healthcare provider, the athlete's playing time remains at the coach's discretion.

Although Outlaw Athletic Foundation is not governed by KSHSAA, we adhere to guidelines that align with their standards, particularly regarding head injuries and other injuries.

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