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Unveiling the Outlaws: Empowering Home-Schooled Youth in the World of Volleyball

Outlaw Logo

In the heart of Lee's Summit, Missouri, where the vibrant energy of sports meets the spirit of camaraderie, stands a team like no other—the Outlaws Volleyball Team. More than just a gathering of players, the Outlaws represent a movement, a commitment to excellence, and a celebration of the home-schooled youth who are making waves in competitive volleyball not just locally but on a broader stage.

A Journey of Passion and Dedication

The Outlaws' journey isn't one of overnight success but of grit, passion, and unwavering dedication. Founded with a singular mission and motto "Empowering Home-Schooled Youth to Excel in Competitive Volleyball" resonates deeply within their community and beyond. It's not just about volleyball—it's about instilling values of teamwork, integrity, and perseverance.

A Hub of Talent and Opportunity

The Outlaws boast a ladies' 18U homeschool varsity team that's a testament to the talent and potential nurtured within their ranks. But the Outlaws offer more than just a place to play; they offer a platform for growth. Their focus on injury prevention, strength and conditioning, speed and agility, and skills enhancement ensures that every player reaches their full potential, both on and off the court.

Crafting Champions, One Point at a Time

The Outlaws believe in winning, but more importantly, they believe in winning right. It's not just about lofting a ball over the net; it's about mastering the fundamentals—passing, setting, hitting—with precision and finesse. Good teams communicate effortlessly, show remarkable teamwork, and constantly strive to improve together. The Outlaws are not just building players; they're crafting champions who understand the value of hard work, discipline, and resilience.

Embracing the Never Quit Spirit

"Never Quit" isn't just a slogan on their jerseys; it's a way of life for the Outlaws. Their off-season program is a testament to their commitment, focusing on preparing athletes mentally and physically for the challenges ahead. From strength training to agility drills, every aspect is meticulously designed to mold athletes who not only survive but thrive in the competitive arena.

A Tapestry of Support and Unity

The Outlaws aren't just a team; they're a family. Their community extends beyond the players to embrace parents who play a vital role in the team's success. From volunteering at practices to being Team Moms, parents are an integral part of the Outlaws' journey, fostering a culture of support, encouragement, and unity.

A Pathway to Excellence

The Outlaws' journey unfolds in stages, each marked by dedication and strategic preparation. Off-season training lays the foundation, preseason hones skills, and the regular season sharpens strategies for peak performance in games and tournaments. It's not just about winning matches; it's about playing with heart, integrity, and a never-say-die attitude.

Join the Outlaws' Legacy

For aspiring volleyball enthusiasts, the Outlaws offer a pathway to excellence and a community of like-minded individuals passionate about the game. Whether you're a Junior High student eager to hone your skills or a Senior High player ready to take on new challenges, the Outlaws welcome you to join their legacy of empowerment, teamwork, and triumph.

In the heart of Lee's Summit, the Outlaws Volleyball Team isn't just writing a chapter in sports history; they're crafting a narrative of resilience, determination, and unparalleled sportsmanship. Join the Outlaws and be part of a journey that transcends wins and losses—a journey of growth, camaraderie, and the joy of playing the game you love with passion and purpose.


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