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Empowering Athletes: Unlock Corporate Sponsorship!

As a respected leader in the corporate world, you're well aware of the profound impact that philanthropy and community involvement can have. Our organization invites you to join us in an exceptional journey that goes beyond boundaries and changes lives: supporting homeschool athletics.

Your corporate contributions aren't just about giving; they're strategic investments in our collective goal of nurturing and empowering student-athletes. With our carefully crafted donation levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum – your esteemed company can unlock a world of exclusive benefits and forge impactful partnerships.

Championing Excellence, Celebrating Impact

Picture the visibility and prestige that comes with aligning your brand with a cause that champions resilience, discipline, and excellence. From prominent recognition in our promotional materials to VIP access at our flagship events, each donation level offers unmatched opportunities to demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility and community enrichment.

Building Legacies, Fueling Dreams

Together, let's build a legacy of positive change and athletic excellence. Your support fuels dreams, cultivates talent, and lays the foundation for a brighter tomorrow. Embrace the influence of corporate philanthropy and leave a lasting impact on the lives of our student-athletes today.

Corporate Fundraising Options

We provide a diverse range of corporate fundraising options tailored to meet the needs and interests of our esteemed partners. Here are some ways corporations can contribute to our mission:

1. Sponsorship Packages: Our sponsorship packages offer corporations the chance to showcase their brand while supporting homeschool athletics. Ranging from bronze to platinum levels, each package offers unique benefits like logo placement on uniforms, recognition at events, and promotional opportunities on our website and social media platforms.

2. Event Sponsorships: Corporations can sponsor specific events such as tournaments, fundraising galas, or awards banquets. Event sponsorships provide excellent visibility and branding opportunities, allowing companies to connect with our dedicated community of athletes, parents, and supporters.

3. Product or Service Donations: In-kind donations of products or services are another valuable way for corporations to support our organization. Whether providing equipment, technology solutions, or professional services, these contributions directly benefit our athletes and enhance their overall experience.

4. Employee Engagement Programs: Encourage employee engagement and team building by organizing corporate volunteer days or fundraising challenges. Corporate teams can participate in community service projects, sports clinics, or fundraising drives, fostering camaraderie while making a positive impact.

While these options are not exhaustive, please contact us if you feel a different approach would better suit your company. Your partnership with us can help create a brighter future for our student-athletes while showcasing your dedication to community impact.

Corporate Fundraising Levels

BRONZE - $500/Year Donation

  • 1 Mention on Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)

  • Name inclusion in our Team Sponsors Section on our website.

SILVER - $1,000/Year Donation

  • 2 Mentions on Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)

  • Recognition on our website.

  • Name/Logo placement in our Team Sponsors Section on our website.

GOLD - $2,000/Year Donation

  • 3 Mentions on Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)

  • Recognition on our website.

  • Name/Logo and Link placement in our Team Sponsors Section on our website.

PLATINUM - $3,000/Year Donation

  • 4 Mentions on Social Media (Facebook & Twitter)

  • Recognition on our website.

  • Name/Logo and Link placement in our Team Sponsors Section on our website.

  • Name/Logo placement in the "Sponsored by" Section on the Seasons YouTube Videos.

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