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KC Southeast Outlaws 
Regular Season Practices

Volleyball Team

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After completing our intensive preseason program, we transition seamlessly into dominating performances on the court during the regular season. This exciting phase encompasses rigorous practices, competitive tournaments, and thrilling games, often involving travel to various locations.

Outlaw Practice


Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Time: TBD


Time: TBD

What you need to bring to Practices

Don't forget to bring your:

- Water Bottle

- Knee Pads

- Volleyball Shoes

- Appropriate Attire

- Positive Attitude

- Ready to Learn and Grow

Volleyball Huddle

What to expect at Practice

We hold our team members to a high standard of commitment and effort during practices. In a typical practice session during the regular season, you'll experience intense workouts geared towards skill enhancement and strategic development. Our practice routines are crafted to push your limits and foster individual growth while strengthening team dynamics. Communication, teamwork, and cohesion are paramount in our coaching philosophy, and you'll find yourself engaged in collaborative drills and activities aimed at building a strong sense of unity and mutual support among teammates as we work together to elevate our game.

The 7 Core Values
all Outlaw's abide by

What we expect from an athlete at Practices

Punctuality is a core value in our team culture, all athletes are required to be at the facility 15 minutes before the scheduled time. This policy underscores the importance of respect and responsibility alongside skill development. Timeliness isn't just a preference but a non-negotiable expectation, emphasizing accountability and dedication to team success.

Every athlete is expected to approach practice with preparation, motivation, and punctuality. Respect towards coaches and teammates, coupled with a positive attitude, is paramount both on and off the court. Athletes should embrace a mindset of continuous learning, effective communication, and collaboration to foster a cohesive and thriving team environment. Ultimately, we aim for our athletes to find joy and fulfillment in volleyball, contributing to a vibrant and enjoyable experience for all involved.


What we expect from an athletes parents at Practices

At Outlaws Volleyball, we highly value parental participation and engagement within our organization. Parents are encouraged to attend practice sessions as observers, provided they uphold a respectful demeanor towards all players, coaches, staff, and fellow parents. We kindly request that parents refrain from coaching their own athlete or others during practice sessions. Furthermore, any concerns or issues should be addressed with coaches or staff members at designated times and locations, not in front of athletes. Non-compliance with our policies may lead to disciplinary measures or a suspension from future practices. We appreciate your cooperation in fostering a positive and supportive practice environment for our team.

What you should expect from our coaches at practices

As coaches at Outlaws Volleyball, our aim during practices is to offer a stimulating and enjoyable experience for our players. We meticulously prepare with a solid plan and vision, ensuring all required equipment is readily available, and commence each session with a comprehensive warm-up routine. Our coaching ethos emphasizes kindness and fairness, ensuring clear communication of instructions and corrections to facilitate our athletes' understanding and growth. We are dedicated to fostering a positive team dynamic, infusing energy and enthusiasm into every aspect of our training regimen, ultimately creating an uplifting and motivating environment for all involved.


kc Southeast Outlaws
Games & Tournaments


The Outlaws follow the rules of the NCHC.


What you need to bring to games & Tournaments

Don't forget to bring your:

- Water Bottle

- Knee Pads

- Volleyball Shoes

- Jersey & Shorts

- Team Hoodie (Weather Permitting)

- Team Backpack

All Outlaw athletes are required to wear the same attire consistently, both before, during, and after games and tournaments.

What to expect at games & Tournaments

At Outlaws Volleyball, we embody a deep commitment to hard work, boundless energy, and unwavering core values. Playing with us means joining a team fueled by a profound love for volleyball and fortified by a robust unity forged through teamwork and effective communication. We approach every game and tournament with a relentless determination to give our absolute best, showcasing a fast-paced, intense, and challenging level of competition that pushes us to exceed our physical boundaries continuously.

Our team is adept at handling pressure and embraces the high expectations placed upon us, consistently delivering top-tier performances. Our dedication to excellence shines through not only on the court but also in our conduct off the court, reflecting our unwavering pursuit of greatness in every aspect of the game. Join us, and experience the thrill of volleyball at its highest level, where passion, unity, and a commitment to excellence define who we are as Outlaws Volleyball.


things to do before a game or tournament 


What we expect from an athlete at games & tournaments

At Outlaws Volleyball, we hold ourselves to high standards of professionalism and strive for excellence in every aspect. Our athletes are expected to demonstrate respect and courtesy towards coaches, staff, referees, and spectators at all times. Adhering to a strict code of conduct, our team members arrive one hour before the game to engage in stretching, mental preparation, and team bonding, setting the stage for optimal performance. It is imperative for every athlete to embody our Team's 7 Core Values consistently, reflecting our commitment to sportsmanship and integrity. We emphasize the importance of maintaining composure and avoiding confrontations, including refraining from arguing with referees or engaging in conflicts with opposing players, thus upholding the spirit of fair play and mutual respect on and off the court.

What we expect from parents & Fans at Games & Tournaments

We greatly appreciate the support of parents and fans during our games and tournaments. As valued members of the Outlaws Volleyball team, we kindly request that our supporters maintain a positive and respectful demeanor towards all individuals involved, including players, coaches, staff, referees, and fellow fans. Should there be any concerns or questions regarding coaching decisions or other matters, we encourage you to arrange a separate meeting with the coaches and staff outside of game or tournament times. Adherence to these guidelines is crucial, as failure to do so may lead to disciplinary measures or exclusion from future Outlaw events. Your cooperation is integral in fostering a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for our team, and we thank you for contributing to a positive game environment.


What you should expect from our coaches at games & tournaments

On game day, our coaches fully commit themselves to the task at hand. They comprehend the immense effort and commitment required during every practice session, and they are ready to go the extra mile to secure victory. Their leadership is marked by passion, respect, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence. We take pride in having them as part of our team, knowing that their dedication will serve as a source of inspiration for our players to give their best performance on the court.

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