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Are you ready to elevate your game? Outlaw Athletics is searching for driven and enthusiastic athletes to join our esteemed Girls Varsity Team. What sets us apart is our comprehensive preseason program, meticulously designed to enhance physical fitness, speed and agility, injury prevention, and volleyball skills. We are seeking dedicated and passionate homeschool athletes who are eager to be part of a winning team and strive for excellence.

Join us for tryouts and showcase your talent and dedication.

We can't wait to witness your skills on the court and welcome you to our dynamic team!

We still have open positions on our Ladies Varsity Team

Ladies Varsity

Freshman, Sophomore, Junior & Senior Girls

Date & Time

6:30pm - 9:30pm

Each Player receives 1 hour tryout

6:30pm - 9:30pm

Each Player receives 1 hour tryout


Decision Day: We will email all participants informing them of our decision by Monday The following week.

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Top 5 Tryout tips

What your athlete needs to bring to tryouts

Don't forget to bring your:

- Signed Liability Form

- Water bottle

- Knee pads

- Volleyball shoes

- Appropriate attire


Get ready to show us your skills and become a part of the Outlaw family!


What to expect at our tryout

Our volleyball team tryouts are rigorous, demanding both physical prowess and mental fortitude, as we seek to maintain our winning legacy. We are looking for players who not only possess a deep passion for volleyball but also demonstrate a relentless drive to improve and succeed. While skills and game knowledge are crucial, we also assess your attitude, communication skills, and coachability to ensure that you will contribute positively and significantly to our team's success. Join us for tryouts and showcase your commitment to excellence!

The 5 things our coaches look for

What we expect from an athlete

We hold high expectations for our athletes, requiring them to arrive prepared, motivated, and punctual for every tryout session. Respect towards coaches and fellow athletes is paramount, alongside fostering a positive and enthusiastic attitude throughout each session. Our athletes are encouraged to approach tryouts with a readiness to learn, receive instruction, and effectively communicate with coaches and teammates. Moreover, we prioritize creating an enjoyable and fun environment for all, ensuring that athletes can fully embrace the game of volleyball and their experience with our team.


What we expect from an athletes parents

We value the support and involvement of parents in their athlete's tryout journey. However, at Outlaws, we kindly request that parents refrain from coaching, cheering, filming, or taking pictures of their athlete or others during tryouts. To ensure a fair and safe tryout environment for all athletes, we ask that parents avoid interacting with other athletes before, during, or after any tryout session. Any concerns or issues regarding another athlete should be brought to the attention of a coach or Outlaw staff member.

Please be aware that violations of this policy may result in a ban from team facilities and events. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work together to create a positive and safe environment that fosters growth and development for all athletes.

What We expect from our coaches

As coaches for the Outlaws Volleyball Tryout, our objective is to offer an enjoyable yet demanding experience for our players. We come prepared with a well-thought-out plan and vision, ensuring that all necessary equipment is ready and each tryout session begins with a thorough warm-up. Our coaching philosophy places a high value on kindness and fairness, ensuring that instructions and corrections are communicated clearly to facilitate understanding and growth among our athletes. We are committed to fostering a positive and uplifting team atmosphere, maintaining a sense of energy and enthusiasm in every aspect of our coaching approach.

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